Trace the Origin of the Pashmina  – The Must Have Accessory

We believe women are God’s most beautiful creation, who flaunts their beauty in every phase of life. Since women involve in various stages of life that highlight their beauty and charm, today’s women love bold and dauntless fashion. They have become highly experimental in nature that provokes them to make something creative in the fashion industry. Female now always look for a new trend whether it is related to accessory or clothes.

They love to try out new things that flaunt their beauty, and this desire has made them experimental to invest something different and creative that no one ever seen before. The pashmina is a type of accessory that can easily be teamed up with any type of outfit or dress. Whether you are attending a formal get together party or a rock chic one, you can carry them to add a style or charm to your personality.

Origin of pashminas

The word pashmina is derived from the term “pashm” which is basically a Persian word. It was initially used as a garment to put on the top of any outfit. It has a very old origin in the Middle East. The basic function of this fashion accessory is to provide warmness against cold winter. However, the real origin of this clothing is still unknown. People are using these accessories in various forms since ages.

Over the years, many reformations have taken place in this piece of accessory. The embroidery works of pashminas were liked by the people of America and Europe in the year 1820. These were popularly known as China pashmina.

A Pashmina with Tassles

Persian pashminas have also got huge popularity throughout the world for their elaborative patterns and hand-crafted designs. If you consider the origin of the pashmina in Russia, you will find a mixture of European and Oriental culture. The successful establishment of Russia’s trading business with Persia resulted in the popularity of Persian pashminas. Currently, pashmina is the most luxurious and soft wool in the world which is manufactured from the mountain goat mostly found in the Himalayan region of Tibet and Central Asia.

History of pashminas in India

As we know that knitting is closely connected with Indian textile industry, the weaving of woollen clothes or pashminas is done by using pashmina wool in the Kashmir valley. Its ultimate softness, warmth, and hand-crafted design have made them popular across the globe.


Pashminas offer a very simple approach. Their simplicity in pattern and design reflect warmth, peace and a unique sense of joy. Designer pashminas  are truly elegant and add a unique charm to women’s beauty. So, if you love to show your sense of style, nothing better depicts it other than pashminas – a must have pashmina scarf accessory for every woman.