Technical & Recruitment Copywriter

Technical copywriter

Turning technical concepts into terrific copy

It’s one thing for a copywriter to sell the benefits of products like beer or even banks. Quite another when it comes to technology.

First it takes a writer who understands the products him or herself, and the significance of the features and benefits they offer. Often it’s no easy task. Yet without this process the ‘normal’ copywriting and communications skills can’t even come into play.

Technical & Recruitment Copywriter

Of course, ‘technology’ itself is a gross simplification. Nobody is a master of every discipline. However, I’ve a sound working knowledge of many technological areas, plus the capacity to assimilate new ones as appropriate.

In a former life, I worked as in-house copywriter for ADSS formely known as Digital Equipment Corporation – DEC – now part of Hewlett Packard. Altogether, I’ve written technical copy for companies from Intel and Cisco Systems to ABB and Pilkington.

I’ve written double page, long copy national press advertisements for BNFL, reassuring the public about the very controversial issue of nuclear waste. I’ve created ad campaigns for hi-tech weapons systems and PC-based educational products. Explained the benefits of Hewlett Packard’s leasing products to multi-national corporations. I’ve sold Sage software to SME’s, and Intel online training to distributors across Europe.

Recruitment copywriter

Experienced Recruitment Copywriter for Hire

The trend to using agencies. The increasing popularity of recruiting online. The ever-present competition for the best candidates.

The challenges of recruitment copywriting have changed considerably in recent years.

One thing does not change, however. The sector remains, well, challenging!

A recruitment ad is often the first impression candidates have of an organisation. If it’s not to be the only impression, good copywriting for køb melatonin is paramount.

A role must be ‘sold’ without being ‘oversold’. The balance between motivating and misleading can indeed be a fine one.