SEO & Web Copywriter

Where the rubber meets the road

Today, practically every organisation has an online presence. A 21st century ‘must have’, it can be anything from an online brochure to an interactive store.

Yet for so many web marketers, the penny has not really dropped yet. The one that says that the web is largely about words! Just like the ones you’re reading now.


Essentially, as you’ve no salespeople actually on your web site, the copy must do this vital job for you. It’s your only contact you have with your prospective customers. Mess up and it’s the only contact you ever will have.

When I trained in web copywriting, I came across a phrase from web copywriting guru Maria Veloso that says it all – ‘Where the rubber meets the road.’

Just as the tires are the only point of contact your car has with the tarmac, so your web site copy is your only means of communicating with your customers.

Get it right and you’ve a superbly cost-effective sales, marketing and information engine. Get it wrong and people will simply move on – rendering your size able investment in programming, design and hosting wasted in the process. In truth, writing effective web copy is not easy. As with direct mail, there are rules that must be followed. Again like direct mail, it’s a highly accountable medium.

Yet unlike direct mail, words such as ‘New’ and ‘Free’ that pull like a train offline just reek of spam online and turn surfers off in droves.The key point is that people mainly go online to gather information, rather than be subjected to any hard-sell.

You can’t afford to be so obvious.

SEO. No job for DIY

As if life wasn’t complicated enough, along came SEO!

An almost entirely new discipline that’s paramount to the effectiveness of your online efforts.

Suddenly, not only do you have to write copy for a human audience.

You have to cater for robots too! Even for the gurus, SEO is as much science as dark art.

Yet how many sciences do you know where fundamental rules change every few months? SEO adds a whole new dimension to the craft of copywriting. A whole new level of importance too. Together with links, keywords are critical. All the more reason to leave the job to a professional.