General & Direct Marketing Copywriter

General copywriter

If it needs writing, it needs a copywriter!

Advertising, web sites, brochures – they’re the bread and butter of copywriters the world over.

But there are many, many more items that would benefit from a professional writer.


Presentations. Manuals. Courses. Prospectus. Newsletters. DVD’s. Catalogues. Credentials documents. Marketing proposals. Calendars. Even full-blown books.

In short, if it needs writing, it needs a copywriter!

Especially if the copywriter has huge writing experience plus academic and marketing training.

Direct marketing copywriter

Data driven creativity. Results-driven copy

There’s a view that branding is a creative issue and all about ideas. There’s another one that holds that direct marketing is about strict rules and proven formulae. And never the twain shall meet.

Like most generalities, there’s a kernel of truth in both statements. However, I take the view that the two disciplines are far from mutually exclusive.

Direct marketing – whether it be mail-packs, direct response advertising or online campaigns – needs creative ideas to gain attention. It’s just that they need to be applied in a disciplined manner.

Perhaps above all, direct marketing needs skillful, relevant copy if it’s to generate results. Which is where I come in.

I actually began my career at McCann Erickson, one of the world’s leading DM specialists. Somewhat later, I graduated to a senior copywriter role at EHS Brann, another of the largest international DM agencies.

Direct Marketing has always been a core discipline, and always will be. Indeed, many of my best clients are DM agencies and companies.