Financial Copywriter

My name is Richard Jones. I’m a financial copywriter. I help Independent Financial Advisers and Wealth Managers make more money and attract their ideal potential client(s) by using direct marketing and direct response copywriting.

If you are an IFA or wealth manager or you advise private or corporate clients then you have just found a specialist financial copywriter who can finally help you get the clients you want and make your relationship with them as profitable as possible.

I like to make a distinction though, actually I pride myself on being ‘distinct’ most of the time, but that’s another post for another day.
As far as copywriting is concerned, I make a distinction. If you want me to write stuff that sells – whether that’s on or offline – then I write copy.

Direct response copy that sells. No fluff, no flannel, no B.S. just clear concise copy that sells your advisory or management services.

financial copywriter

But you don’t always want or need me to write ‘salesy’ stuff do you?

Sometimes you just want an article, web page or e-zine content written that informs or educates, maybe even entertains. It all depends of course on who you are trying to reach.

It is imperative that you know your reader – whether they’re an existing or potential client – and adapt your style so that you are speaking their language, que?

So I tend to describe ‘content’ as non-salesy.

On the articles page you will find a helpful treatise on the powerful ‘good cop – bad cop’ double act that ‘content’ and ‘copy’ like to play out. The good news is if you direct them properly, you stand to gain big-time.

Now, as you read through this  website and in particular your new e-zine – Marketing Advice – you will notice the term ‘ideal potential client’ sprinkled around fairly liberally.

We both know there is no point in chasing business for the sake of it, the so called ‘busy fool syndrome’, but there is a far more important reason why you need to identify who your ideal potential client is and how you can find him.

You will discover the reason, and all the why’s and wherefore’s in Marketing Advice. Along with some other extremely valuable ‘nuggets’ on attracting new clients and retaining and ‘optimising’ your relationship with existing clients.

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OK, onward…

Why do I call myself a specialist financial copywriter?

Because I only write for the financial services sector, and 99% of that is for IFA’s and wealth managers. Very occasionally I write stuff for general insurance brokers or financial product providers, both here and in the good old’ USA.

I do not write for any other sector at all.

I made up my mind some time ago that if I was going to be a copywriter, I wanted to know my market inside out.  And since my background is in financial services and general insurance it made sense to be a financial copywriter.

That way I can try and anticipate what my clients need and give it to them. In a way I have a double niche because I tend to write more direct response copy than informative content, and I mainly write for IFA’s and wealth managers.

What this means for you is this;

I can pretty much ‘hit the ground running’. I understand how products work and who they are designed to help. Therefore I can adapt my style so that whatever I write ‘speaks their language’ and the message not only gets through but is also clearly understood!

All this means that you save a considerable amount of time and therefore money because you won’t have to sit there explaining what a SIPP does and why your client should think about investing in one.

It also means financial writing is ingrained in my mind, sad but true, and I won’t be writing letters that bring in qualified new leads for you one minute and knocking out a pizza leaflet the next.

Below is a list of the usual material I get asked to write, but if you have anything in mind that isn’t on this list, feel free to get in touch, I am pretty flexible.

  • Direct Mail
  • Direct Response ads, on and offline.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Website content and copy.
  • E-zine content and copy.
  • White papers.
  • Brochure content and copy.
  • Key Features documents.
  • Stock/sector analysis reports.

As I say, if it isn’t on the list, give me a nudge, I love working on new stuff!

All right, I think that’s it.  You can read a little about me, and then I recommend you sign up for Marketing Advice, you’ll get the first edition straightaway and then every month from then on in. Check it out now…

If you know already that you need to hire me, you can email me